Language Sciences
for Social Good

A multi-disciplinary research consortium at the University of Amsterdam. Are you interested to learn what we are working on? 

Problem Statement

The language sciences have taken an enormous flight over the last 20 years, and have found practical applications with tremendous impact. Machine translation, speech recognition, chatbots and personal assistants have radically transformed people’s everyday lives. 

However, these new technologies have two major methodological drawbacks: they lack transparency and are heavily skewed towards mainstream language varieties.

Moreover, while most applications developed to date have been driven by economic gain, the language sciences have the potential to yield tremendous societal gain as well, a potential that remains largely unexploited.

We pursue novel methods and applications from a human-centric perspective: methods that add transparency and are not restricted to mainstream languages, and applications for an inclusive and safe society.

Responsible Methods

We develop novel AI methods for language technologies, which add transparency and are not restricted to mainstream languages.

Inclusive Society

We develop technologies to support people with hearing loss, limited reading ability, and language-related cognitive disorders.

Safe Society

We develop novel methods to detect abusive language and implicit biases in text and speech.

About us

The consortium includes around 30 senior researchers (assistant/associate/full professors) and more than 75 junior researchers (PhD/Postdoc) across the Faculties of Science and Humanities at the University of Amsterdam.

Our partners

Our partners